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for 'Differently Cooking' we mean having a new perspective about cooking, both ethically and culturally.
we post recipes, mostly vegan\vegetarian and mainly inspired from traditional italian food.
hope you have a good time in here.

venerdì 1 luglio 2011

Hi there!

well, here we are, welcome to DIFFERENTLY COOKING!
this blog is mainly dedicated to kitchen, and we post recipes.
most of these recipes are translations from my mother's great blog, Cucinando Senza(literally 'Cooking Without'), a blog about healthy vegan\vegetarian kitchen, because she doesn't know english well and so she asked me to translate her posts...however this blog is mine and i like cooking, so i'll post recipes of mine too.

...so, let's go!



* 150 grams of already cooked spelt;
* 100 grams of shallot;
* 100 grams of celery;
* 200 grams of pomodorini (tiny tomatoes);
* 100 grams of tofu (facultative);
* 1\2 glass of wine;
* 2 spoons of extravirgin olive oil;
* salt and pepper as you wish.


* use either a large casserole or a wok(chinese frying pan) on medium fire;
* brown the shallot in the oil until it turns translucent;
* add the spelt and continue browning for a few minutes;
* add the stripe-sliced tofu and the wine;
* keep stiring until the smell of alcohol has faded away;
* slice the celery and add it to the spelt;
* add half a glass of water and stir;
* cut the tomatoes;
* move the spelt to one side of the casserole and stew the tomatoes directly on the casserole's surface;
* stew them for a couple of minutes and then mix them with the spelt;
* add salt and pepper, then cook for 10 minutes.

hope you enjoy it!

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